Model K-100 Model K-200
Measuring method: Electrical resistance
Measuring range: Kraft paper 524%
Corrugatded paper
Kraft paper 1.510%
Corrugatded paper
Power Source: Batteries 4pcs. "C" size
Probe: Rubber probe Mechanical constant
Pressure probe
Accuracy 0.5% 0.5%
Dimensions: 220(W)170(D)75(H)
Weight Net 1.2kg
Shipment 3.0kg

Paper, which has a tendency to absorb moisture, can be adversely affected when this occurs.
Moisture testers play an essential role in purchasing and sales of paper on a weight basic ratio; determining possible deterioration of special types of paper containers.
KETT paper moisture testers are widely used wherever the effects of moisture uponthe quality of paper and paper containers are a crucial factor.