This is an oil-free rotary-vane vacuum pump with ultimate pressure of 1300Pa.
There's no possibillity of workpiece contamination environmental pollution, since this pump uses no oil. Since no oil change is necessary, this pump also reduces operating costs and required maintenance.
We offer both single and double-stage models with pumping speeds from 50 to 150L/min.

Operating Precautions

Standard operating conditions:

1) Kinds of suction gas: air or inert gas.
2) Suction gas temperature: 0 40
3) Ambient temperature: 5 40/Humidity 70% or less.

Please consult with us before operating under the following conditions.

1) Operating pressure close to atmospheric pressure.
2) Fluctuating vacuum or atmospheric pressure.

Due to pump structure, exhaust gas from the pump may contain a small amount of worn carbon powder.

Major Applications

Vacuum chucks, Packaging machines, Printing machines,
Automated machines, Optical equipment, OA equipment,
Gas sampling, Analytical instrument, Portable gas detectors.