Whiteness Testers are used to measure the whiteness of powder and rice samples by shining light on the sample and determining the amount of light reflected. As the purity of food products may often be a funtion of their whiteness. this is an important factor to measure. Where a relationship exists between the purity of a product and its whiteness.
this tester is an effective and efficient quality control tool. These instruments are often used in measuring the effect of production processes, especially during refining.

The model "C" series was especially designed to measure the whiteness of starch, wheat flour, salt, sugar and other materials in powder or rice grain.
Based upon the principle of reflective index from the sample's surface, the instrument conforms to JISZ8722 and is also calibrated in accordance with the accepted international standad. In order to achieve greater sampling accuracy, up to nine measurements may be automatically averaged.

Measuring method
Measuring range
Power source
Reflective index with photodiode
0~110                   5~70
*Automatics sensitivity adjustment
Filter equipped
*Blue *Green *Red
300(W) x 530(D) x 105(H)mm
net 8.0kg
Shipment 13.0kg