Measuring principle Chloride Ion Selective
Electrode Method
Measuring range 0.001 ~ 1.50% (as density of Cl- solution)
Ambient temperature 0℃ ~ 40℃ (automatic compensation)
Response time About 3 minutes
Electrode Combined cl- ion selective electrode
Display    LCD digital

1) Sample solution: Salt(cl- and/or NaCl) density %(W/V)
2) Salt content of oven dried fine aggregate (sand)(%)
3) Fresh concrete: Salt (Cl- and/or NaCl) content kg/㎥
Power source AC 100 ~ 220V (50/60Hz) or Dry cell batteries :
Tester...6pcs "AA" size 1.5V(alkaline)
Printer...4pcs "AA" size 1.5V(alkaline)
Printer...4pcs "AA" size 1.5V(alkaline)
Dimensions 120(W) x 250(D) x 55(H)mm
Weight Net 1.5kg Shipment 4.0kg
Accessories 1 pc x Electrode
1 px x Elecreode cap
*1 liter x 0.1% Cl- solution(Standard & conditioning)
*1 liter x 0.5% Cl- solution(standard)
*1 liter x Electrode solution 3 pcs x polyethlene bottle 10 pcs x dry battery(1.5V "AA" size)

1 roll x printing paper
1 pc x carring case
1 pc x AC adaptor
1 pc x injector
°Plese contact KETT ELECTRIC LABORATORY to order additional accessories.